OT or not OT

Ken Waller kwaller at peoplepc.com
Mon Nov 30 00:31:03 EST 2015

Joe, so sorry to hear that news.

I hope you can take tcomfort from your good memories and from the people you 

Kenneth Waller

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Subject: Re: OT or not OT

> On Nov 27, 2015, at 1:35 PM, Ken Waller wrote:
>> I'm squinting a little but I can't see you.
>> All I see are black letters on a field of white.
>> Kenneth Waller
> In the not too distant future, that is all you'll see from this tired old 
> photo=weenie.
> First found in late 2014, cancer of the left kidney. By last week, cancer 
> is is now chewing up my right kidney, my lower spine, pelvis, bladder, my 
> brain and my right femur.. Rapid, greedy and uncomfortable to sit around 
> in it's pain, it's going to be a short year, or at best a short 2016.
> Am planning on selling or donating  most of my loot.  Not organized as 
> yet, but I will find someone to list everything photo,  Plans to deal with 
> my imagery as well as my family's geneology may have to evaporate along 
> with my brain.
> Over 1500 PDML msgs to read. May not get too much done as the brain is 
> damaged. MRI in two weeks will tell that story.
> It's been fun allowing my thoughts mingle with such depth of experience 
> and humor.
> I may or may not respond read or answer or reply, but will try.
> J.J.McA

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