OTish - Photos of Arctic Foxes

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Mon Nov 24 13:21:05 EST 2014

On 24 Nov 2014, at 17:43, Igor PDML-StR <pdmlstr at komkon.org> wrote:
> Ken Waller Tue, 18 Nov 2014 16:47:50 -0800 wrote:
>> >   They're a lot healthier-looking than the scraggy things around here.
>> One reason might be that they're in the wild and don't get a chance to eat 'garbage'.
> I don't know about that, - but I know that European squirrels are more furry-fluffy and pleasant looking than the North-American ones.
> It is a common thing that people visiting US or moving here from Europe
> are advised not to try to feed the squirrels (as it is rather common in some parts of Europe), as they are more rat-like here and eat garbage.

Gotta be better than McDo.

The grey squirrels over here are American immigrants which paddled across the Atlantic in stone canoes sometime in the 19th century and have out-competed the native reds, which are reduced to living in Scotland, the Isle of Wight and Liverpool, when they'd much rather be eating nice chestnuts in Greenwich Park and hanging out with the parakeets, which tunnelled here from Nepal.

When I was a child a squirrel called Tufty used to appear on television trying to teach us how to cross the road. Didn't seem right somehow, given the amount of grey furry roadkill one sees. Once they figured that out they got Darth Vader to tell us. Darth Vader lives in Croydon. I used to work with his next door neighbour. 

In Romania they have very nice black squirrels, which is somehow appropriate for the land of Vlad Tepes and his hellish chums.



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