PESO - Autumn in the Tiergarten

Mark Roberts postmaster at
Sun Nov 23 21:23:13 EST 2014

Mark C wrote:

>We've had just over 21 inches last week with sustained temperatures in 
>the teens (F). The last autumn leaves on the trees just froze and blew 
>away on the gale force winds!
>Thankfully we've had a couple warm days and it is warm and raining 
>heavily now - most of the snow is gone though the next wave is coming 
>tomorrow night. I actually went out today and dug into the snow piles 
>from my shoveling and spread it around to melt.  Bad memories of last 
>winter where I threw snow up to about 5 feet high and could not throw it 
>any higher - moving those snow piles was a PITA. Last year at this time 
>we had only 2.3 inches but we wound up with a total of 115+ inches. 
>Things are off to a much worse start this year.
>But as bad as it is here its much worse up north and Buffalo NY really 
>go clobbered....

Here in Boston we've had not a flake of snow as far as I can tell. And
it was 60 degrees F today – 60 degrees in November. Weird, weird,
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