Image Backup while on the road

Mark Roberts postmaster at
Wed Nov 19 15:13:55 EST 2014

steve harley <pdml at> wrote:

>on 2014-11-18 15:11 Mark Roberts wrote
>> steve harley wrote:
>>> if you need substantial storage, a generic "portable" USB hard drive is even
>>> cheaper - you'd have to power it
>> There's the rub. I'd prefer to get by without powering it.
>well you do need some power for thumbdrives, presumably a lot less than for 
>a spinning disk
>but once you start carting around batteries and fumbling with weird hubs 
>another option sounds appealing — a cheap netbook; for example, without 
>doing any serious research i came up with the ASUS K200MA — 3lbs., 11.6" 
>screen, 500GB, SD slot
>i don't know squat about Windows netbooks (for one, i'd be tempted to put in 
>an SSD and install Linux), but at $280 it seems like it might be a good 
>value as a minimal photo backup/review station

I use my Android tablet. Small, light, has an SD slot and a full-size
USB. Transfers files from the card to the thumb drive and also lets me
view them. More expensive than a netbook, though.

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