Any probs remaining with K-3? YES

David Mann at
Sun Nov 16 23:27:09 EST 2014

On Nov 16, 2014, at 6:38 am, John <sessomsj at> wrote:

> The battery life on the K-3 is really good. I bought a spare battery & I
> try to change out batteries when the display shows half charge. The
> battery display just doesn't give as much warning as I'd like.
> It's like it shows full charge for 90% and half charge for 8% before it
> shows no charge for the last 2%, which will fool you.

8% doesn't sound too bad, that would probably last me a month :)

I should add that I think I've run out of battery twice in the 7 years I've owned the K10D.  I knew I was pushing my luck this time as I realised I'd done lots of shooting on the train but hadn't charged it on arrival in Darwin (I also could have charged it on the train).  When it went flat we were only about 5 mins walk from our villa so it wasn't a great inconvenience.


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