Ot: back, sort of - and the eye report

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Glad all went well. Obviously you & Ashley are both happy. Welcome back.

Alan C

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Well I'm way behind in stuff I MUST do so considering myself
semi-unlurked only... So for you non facebook (or as Dan says,
Farcebook) guys here is the post-op report.

On Nov 8 I wrote this :

"Two days post op for cataract removal from left eye (right eye done on
2013) I am SUCH a happy camper! Clarity not there yet, but color
perception matches now and the very best thing is the doc and hospital
respected my wish not to be sedated at all - my wish because the
sedatives from last time really scrambled my brain. I don't drink at
all, don't take anything to help me sleep. That is, I think being
totally free of anything that might make me sleepy, that mix of stuff
given me over a year ago reduced my brain to mush and affected my
balance. I hated it.
This time I walked in to the O R , got greeted my all the nurses,
students , fellows, my Doc and one other.. and listened to them chat
about pop music in addition to saying stuff to each other about what was
going on - Doc is a teacher at Columbia Pres and they filmed the procedure.

I did have the requisite friend with me to help me home (returning the
favor I did him a few years ago) , and given we had a long ride on the A
train afterwards and it was raining I was glad to have some physical

Nice, too, was - that by coincidence, my nurse outside the OR turned out
to be the son of another friend and I think it helped me get my way or
at least gave me some more credence that I really really did want to
avoid sedation - local drugging more than enough.

Only pain I felt at all was when they pulled off the tape that held down
the cover around my eye.. a minor ouch. Doc did have me getting hydrated
with an IV and I was told if she felt that I wasn't holding still enough
I would have to succumb to the dreaded drugs you can bet I didn't move!

Should have new glasses in a few weeks (Astigmatism correction was not
covered by Medicare, and I wasn't about to spend $1500 for that when
I get a new pair of glasses free  Don't think the film will make it to
Sundance, but I'd love to see it anyway - as long as they don't do any

coming up - cat photo, 12 pic (plus cover shot)GESO of another calendar
- black and white of NYC over 6 decades.

And if anyone wants a Nikkormat FT body that appears to be in working
order write off list for details

ann"i can almost see clearly now" san

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