Any probs remaining with K-3? YES

Ralf R Radermacher fotoralf at
Thu Nov 13 18:00:51 EST 2014

Am 13.11.14 21:27, schrieb Jan van Wijk:

> I know you already got yourself a K3 by now, but I do want to share
> my experiences from this roadtrip, where I took well over 3300 images.

Thanks for all the info. Sorry to hgear about the probs you've had.

So far, I'm a very happy camper. None of the usual 'postnatal 
depression' that always plagued me with newly bought cameras (with the 
obvious exception of the K-5 which was such a release after the K-7).

I've just had the odd moirée issue* but that's down to my special 
subjects and the fact that I'm mostly using my good old primes. None of 
that with the 18 - 135 mm ... ;-)



Note the corrugated steel walls in the background of the 100% view.

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