Dad, 1943

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A classic portrait, Paul. Could be a film star. It just shows that equipment 
doesn't necessarily make the photographer.

Alan C

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This picture was taken by a U.S. Army Air Forces photographer at Turner 
Field, Georgia in 1943. My dad was a photographer at that base and a fellow 
worker shot this pic of him on 8x10 film. I have an original contact print 
on fiber paper. It’s in good shape with just a few cracks and specs here and 
there. I had tried scanning it once before but was unhappy with the results 
so I did it again today. It has a broad tonal range so it’s a bit tricky. 
Much happier with this scan.

Dad was the kindest man I’ve ever known. Fortunately, he was too old for 
combat in 1943 so he worked as a photographer, first at Turner Field and 
later at the Pentagon. He probably wouldn’t have mad a very good killer, but 
he was an excellent photographer and artist. While at Turner Field he 
painted a huge mural in the chapel. His murals once decorated a number of 
Chicago residences and buildings, including the lobby of the 
long-ago-demolished Edgewater Beach Hotel.

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