Using external drive on Mac and PC

Bruce Walker bruce.walker at
Sat Nov 8 09:58:21 EST 2014

Generally, if you format it with an NTFS filesystem on the Mac you
should be able to read/write on both OSes.

On Sat, Nov 8, 2014 at 7:58 AM, Daniel J. Matyola <danmatyola at> wrote:
> My home computer is a  Mac laptop, but in the office I use a PC
> that is networked into other computers.
> I had an external USB drive that allowed me to access images and files
> on the Mac and import them to the PC (and vice versa).  I recently
> bought a new and larger USB drive to replace the old one, which was
> showing signs of age and unreliability.  Now, however, I can get it to
> work on one system or the other, but not both.
> I forgot what I did previously to make the drive acceptable to both
> systems.  Does anyone know if I can still do that, and if so, how?
> Dan Matyola
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