K-3 and CS3 fail

Mark C pdml-mark at charter.net
Sat Mar 29 12:34:14 EDT 2014

Brian & Mark figured it out - I updated ACR and it solved the problem. 
As Mark notes the fresh download of CS3 is not updated. Though I have 
activated the software it reports that there are no available updates. 
But it seems to be working fine - hopefully Bob S. can tell his friend.


On 3/29/2014 8:29 AM, Brian Walters wrote:
> Quoting Mark Roberts <postmaster at robertstech.com>:
>> Brian Walters wrote:
>>> Now this is interesting....
>>> That file opened fine in my desktop PC's copy of CS3.  So, just for
>>> laughs I installed CS3 on my Laptop and...
>>> ... the file wouldn't open ('wrong type of document' message).
>>> All very odd.
>> Here's a thought: Adobe frequently issues updates for its software
>> (it's so common there's a joke about the Adobe Updater software
>> needing updates). If Photoshop CS3 ever received such updates they
>> wouldn't be present in a new, fresh install from the original disc.
>> (and knowing Adobe they won't be available anywhere now.)
> Good point.
> I checked the version of Camera Raw installed on my desktop CS3 - it's 
> 4.6.  The fresh CS3 install on the laptop had version 4.0 of Camera 
> Raw.  So, I updated it to version 4.6 and Mark C's problem file now 
> opens OK on both the desktop and laptop machines.

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