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Mon Mar 24 01:23:02 EDT 2014

My writing style is suffering from something, that's for sure.

First off the image quality seems to be pretty nice.

Now my comment:

All the Pentax manual focus f4.0 200mm lenses are supposed to be very 
good.  Though going against the usual pattern, the M version seems to be 
sharper with fewer aberrations, than the K or A versions.  The K is 
supposed to be the next sharpest while the A has better flare resistance 
probably due to it's slightly simpler optical formula and better coatings.

There, that made more sense, I think.

On 3/23/2014 9:50 PM, P.J. Alling wrote:
> That is pretty nice.  All the Pentax manual focus f4.0 lenses are 
> supposed to be very good.  Though going against the usual form while 
> the the M is supposed to be the best optically.  I have an M version 
> of the lens and I've never noticed any CA on a digital body even while 
> pixel peeping.  I have seen a fare amount of sensor bloom in high 
> contrast images.
> On 3/23/2014 7:51 PM, Collin Brendemuehl wrote:
>> I added a few shots to the set.  Had a chance to shoot in bright 
>> sunlight
>> today.
>> The lens does exhibit some fringing, but less than many lenses pretty 
>> much
>> toward the edge (image imgp7583 center and full image) and  not much 
>> in the
>> center (image imgp7581 center) though it is visible in a 
>> high-contrast edge
>> (imgp7571 center).
>> What impresses me most is the image rendering (imgp 7571 & imgp7577 full
>> image).  The tree is beautifully separated from the background.
>> Bokeh is clean, for lack of a better term.
>> Conclusion:  While I do not really like the fringing it's not 
>> offensive on
>> this lens.  And after shooting LF the rendering principle is always 
>> in the
>> forefront of my evaluations.  This lens certainly passed today.

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