A* 85mm lens happiness

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Needs an adapter.

On 3/15/2014 8:24 PM, mail1 at redwoodhorses.com wrote:
> Am I to understand the Pentax A* lens fit the XT-1 Fujifilm X mount?
> Jonathan
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> On 15/03/2014 6:28 AM, Steve Cottrell wrote:
>> On 14/3/14, Bill, discombobulated, unleashed:
>>> Was shooting today with the A*85/1.4 on the XT-1.
>>> There was great joy in the experience, though the pictures are pretty
>>> mundane (my niece being molested by my Rottweiler).
>> How do you find manual working with this combo? I presume you're
>> setting ISO manually, aperture manually and letting the shutter speed
>> take care of itself? If the speeds aren't in the right range, then
>> bump up the ISOP a bit?
> Steve, it's just like using an LX. Set the ISO, set the shutter speed and
> move the aperture to center the histogram.
> Or, set the shutter to A, set the ISO and move the aperture to set the
> histogram.
> Bump the ISO if required.
> While the camera forces me to use my A series lenses as K lenses, it seems
> to get less in the way than the Pentax, I think because even after
> 10 years of using front and rear dials on the body, slipping back into using
> the more traditional controls on top of the camera was like putting on a
> comfortable shoe.
> This may not be for everyone, but for anyone who has been doing photography
> long enough to have used a full manual camera, the control familiarity is
> wonderful.
> I was also playing stabbing random buttons last night and found out just how
> customizable the viewfinder it. In addition to being able to turn all the
> overlays off and have a very big unobstructed viewfinder to look at, one can
> also set the finder to a somewhat smaller output, probably about APS-C
> sized, which makes it much easier to see the corners for us glasses wearers
> (but also takes away part of the reason for buying the
> X-T1 in the first place), and one can also set up a dual image where the
> entire image is on the left side, and on the right side is a view of just
> the focus point, much enlarged, which makes manual focus a snap.
> On the subject of manual focus, the choice, in all viewfinder modes is plain
> screen (no focus aids), what Fuji calls digital split image (self
> explanatory), and focus peaking (including in the magnified views).
> I know you mentioned that you were interested in what I had to say about the
> camera, since I'm not a fanboi, but I have to warn you, I have very much
> become a fanboi of this camera.
> So far, the only niggles I have with it is the camera shake warning, which
> cannot be turned off, and sits there like a wet fart in the viewfinder. It's
> annoying, but can be ignored, or put outside the image area by dropping the
> image size in the finder, the four way buttons are certainly on the small
> side. The people complaining about them have a valid point. The buttons
> really need to be sitting about a millimeter prouder of the body for
> perfection, and the battery life (which is pretty ugly coming from Pentax).
> There are decent workarounds for all of my complaints, and quit honestly,
> they are the camera equivalent of First World Problems.
> The vertical grip is not nice when using the camera horizontally, especially
> with manual focus, manual aperture lenses, and because of the traditional
> control layout and shape of the camera, the camera can be flipped into what
> I find is a more comfortable shutter button down vertical position when
> shooting. If I am doing a lot of verticals, such as a portrait session which
> would pretty much be all verticals, then the battery grip becomes a thing of
> beauty (and doubles the shooting life to something close to a decent number
> of shots).
> In use, this camera is as close as I have seen to an LX in a digital camera.
> The control layout is virtually identical, and the size seems to be very
> close as well. I might dig out an LX this weekend and do some size
> comparisons.
> Fuji has, for me, been almost uncanny regarding this camera. It's really
> like they read my mind and custom built a digital camera just for me.
> The X-T1 doesn't get in the way.
> Apparently a lot of people feel the same way, they are selling them faster
> than they can build them.
> bill
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