Poppy Shed

Jack Davis jdavisf8 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 14 16:17:39 EDT 2014

Thanks, Don! Weathered wood helps most any picture. ;-)


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Like the contrast of the flowers against the rough wood. Our poppies are 
months away from blooming.

pdml-request at pdml.net wrote:
> On this glorious 77 F day, my wife and I went on a flower hunt. Found what we had really been looking for; Poppies.
> Pleased to find them along the foundation of a weathering shed not too far from the road.
> I did no fiddling with the shed color. Love how it came out. I could see a hint of this tone, but the amount surprised me. What I did do was set about 3/4 stop minus compensation so as not to have the poppies render overly light. Shot at f13 and with the sensor on "Sel", moved down on the grass in the center of the poppies.
> Comments invited.
> Jack
> http://photolightimages.com/aspupload/detail.asp?ID=752

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