Beach bike bomb-blast breasts showing building site Bob's barrack

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Sat Mar 8 23:39:29 EST 2014

It's amazing how quickly the face of the Thames is changing. Someone will be 
making a fortune. I didn't realise Blackheath actually extended all the way 
to the Thames. You'd think the part by the river would have a different 
name. A lot of the buildings being demolished are not that old judging by 
the concrete. What will they do with all that rubble?

Alan C

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It's been a lovely warm spring day today here in Olde Londonville, so I had
a nice walk along the river near my house. Here, by way of contrast with
Frank's ice-bikers, is Mr. Sandman:

If you stay in the same place and turn 180 degrees you see this:

You can see an end-of-terrace house with its chimney breasts showing -
that's the street where I live. There probably used to be another house on
the end of the terrace, but a bomb landed there during the war, and that's
likely to be why the breasts are visible.

In next to no time that building site will be this:
and you won't be able to cycle on the beach anymore. There won't be a beach.

Pictures taken with a mobile phone.


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