Using a PocketWizard (better post)

Barry Rice bamrice at
Mon Dec 1 00:30:08 EST 2014


I just looked at the post I sent. Did I even proofread the friggin thing? I
guess not! Here it is again, but without the typos. Sorry about that!!!!!


Hey Guys,

I'm using my K-7 (oops, I mean my brand new K-3!) with two ProFoto Compact
600R flashes. I'm loving these flashes, because even though they're not TTL,
they're great because they are absolutely consistent on their flash output
(which I can dial in on each device), which is important for the
focus-stacking I'm doing.

Well, the guy I'm borrowing them from is letting me buy them for a verrrry
good price. However, I have to buy a remote trigger for them. Right now I'm
using his PocketWizard Flex TT5. I'm looking for a reliable but inexpensive
one that will work with my K-3 and these flashes. Any idea if the
PocketWizard PlusX Wireless will do the trick?

The online support for the flashes is dreadful.....


Barry Rice, Ph.D.

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