Always wondered why they supplied a viewfinder cover...

Bill anotherdrunkensot at
Tue Nov 12 08:24:21 EST 2013

On 12/11/2013 6:10 AM, Mark Roberts wrote:

> Did Nikon shooters get their panties in a bunch when Nikon was bought
> by Mitsubishi in the 1970's?
No. When I pointed out on another forum that Nikon was just a Mitsubishi 
brand name, I was given a really long lecture about Mitsubishi's 
"Keiretsu", and how Nikon isn't "owned" by anyone other than Nikon. I 
suspect it was a Nikon fan boy, or it may have just been a pompous piece 
of shit. They are hard to tell one from the other.
The link that Darren gave was interesting up to the point where the guy 
crossed out Pentax and Hoya and at that point I wrote him off as another 
sniveling internet fuckhead with the brains of a small rutabaga. Pity, 
he may have had something smart to say and spoiled it by coming across 
like a retarded root vegetable.


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