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Funny, I was writing when your email arrived. The Sony a7r I discard,
after hearing the shutter and seeing its frame to frame VF blackout. I
hear the cheaper a7 might be better in those regards, and seriously,
it is tempting. Wouldn't it be great to have one of those with an SMC
M 50/1.4 on it? It even *looks* kind of like a black MX!

Nikon is not an option for me because then I would be all on my own
regarding lenses. With Canon, I could be borrowing really great glass
from family. With Nikon, no such luck.


On Sat, Dec 28, 2013 at 5:24 PM, P.J. Alling <webstertwentysix at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, based on everything I've read lately, if you're not sticking with
> Pentax the better choice as far as imaging would be Nikon.  I haven't
> compared Nikon and Canon directly for autofocus speed but others have said
> that Nikon is as good as Canon at for that at least at the upper end of
> their respective camera ranges.  I read somewhere that Canon had managed to
> capture the lions share of the SLR market without having a wide angle lens
> worthy of mounting on a camera.  I kind of agree.
> Now you probably want an optical viewfinder.  I guess that would leave out
> the new Sony 24x36mm mirrorless cameras, though they're supposed to be very,
> very, good, with what might be the best or second best EVF available, but in
> that case, if you can get repetitively clean 16-24mp images from 4:3 or
> APS-C mirrorless cameras there seems to be less need for full frame, the
> viewfinder isn't quite so constrained by the laws of physics.  The real
> advantage I suppose of the new Sonys is that with the short lens
> registration distance adapters for lots of legacy lenses will be available,
> which would make my lovely wide angle K mount lenses wide angle again, and
> maybe easier to shoot.
> So that's where I think I'd go, either to Nikon, they have the best output
> for imaging right now, or take a good hard look at the Sony a7/a7R but that
> would probably be in addition to keeping a Pentax body.
> This is beside the point, but I've handled Nikon and Canon bodies and I can
> safely say I don't hate Nikon ergonomics, I can't say the same for most
> Canon and some Sony products.
> On 12/28/2013 11:48 AM, Juan Buhler wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I don't post here much anymore, but I decided to ask this because I
>> see a lot of the old names and the pdml has always been an awesome
>> group of people.
>> As some of you might know, I've shot with Pentax all my photographic
>> life. Starting with an ME-Super, going through PZ-1, MX (I still have
>> two black ones!), ZX-n, istD, K10D, to my current ones, a K5 and a
>> K-01 I bought because it was a really cheap way to put a sensor behind
>> my lenses.
>> I love the quality and ergonomics of my Pentax cameras. After all
>> these years, I obviously have a nice set of lenses. I am currently
>> traveling in South America long term, so I have a subset of those with
>> me: 12-24 zoom, 21 Limited, FA28/2.8, FA35/2, FA50/1.7, 17-70 zoom.
>> The first three are my most used ones right now. I also shoot a lot
>> with a Leica M8 and either a 28 or 35mm lens on it.
>> Now the time has came to renew my DSLR. Obviously, an option that is
>> up there is a K3. It seems like a camera I'd love, and given that it's
>> a Pentax, I can just use it without waiting for my fingers to learn
>> where the controls are.
>> BUT. I've missed having full frame all this time. I would love to go
>> back to shooting mostly with a 50mm, because of its shallow depth of
>> field. I would love to have a big viewfinder, and fast AF wouldn't
>> hurt. Every time I pick up a Canon, it makes me sad how fast the AF
>> is. Even way older models, like an original 5D, focuses way faster
>> with a 50/1.8 than my K5 with a 50/1.7 or 35/2.
>> So I am now trying to make this decision: get a K3, along with a 20-40
>> (that zoom looks great for photos in the street!), or get a 60D ($1300
>> at KEH), with a 50/1.8 and possibly a 28/1.8? If I get a Canon, I have
>> lenses available through my girlfriend: a 17-40/4 and a 24-105/4, so I
>> would immediately have a complete kit.
>> The money spent would be about the same. One option means staying with
>> a brand I know and love. The other means getting full frame and state
>> of the art AF, no more little screws on my lenses.
>> I feel like if I get the 60D I will miss Pentax tremendously. And if I
>> get the K3 I will love it, and in three months I will be wishing for a
>> full frame K mount.
>> What says the PDML? It seems like the only good thing about Pentax not
>> releasing a FF camera is that Cotty's hat is still intact, no?
>> j
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