Sparrows, now at twice the focal length!

Igor Roshchin str at
Tue Dec 24 23:44:25 EST 2013

Tue Dec 24 15:11:13 EST 2013
Larry Colen wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 03:06:22PM -0500, Ken Waller wrote:
> > I much prefer the second or sixth image. With the second I'd want to
> > see him looking into the frame instead of out of it - you have a
> > good pose and a catchlight in the eye in both the second and the
> > sixth.
> Thanks for the feedback. Even at 500mm there was a lot of extra 
> room in the frame so I just centered the bird and used the center
> autofocus point then did my composition when I cropped, so I can 
> easily recompose with the bird further to the right in the frame.

I guess, what Ken is talking about is not the framing but rather how 
the head is turned.  I agree with that.

I like LRC10100 the most.
I think that one is what Ken referred to as "the second image".
The "sixth" (10107) is just a bit too much straight, it needs
 just a bit more turn of the head.



PS. Regarding the "model":
In some countries, sparrows are a nuisance, pretty much like pigeons
at a city square. I know, I also like taking photos of something that 
"normal" people consider as nuisance at best, or ugly and gross

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