Anyone interested in a Minolta Scan Multi film scanner?

Mark Roberts postmaster at
Mon Dec 23 11:26:27 EST 2013

I'm considering selling my Minoltaa Scan Multi film scanner to get one
with higher resolution. Its 1125dpi gives me about 6 megapixels from a
6x7 neg and I occasionally want more.

It scans 35mm at 2880dpi and I have the optional (as in a $500.00
option!) bulk feeder that lets you load batches of 50 slides at a
time. For someone with a lot of slides this could be a good thing.

I also have a SCSI-to-FireWire adapter that lets you do without a SCSI
card in your computer (provided you have an IEEE1394 connection, of

Anyway, I haven't made a definite decision about selling it yet but
I'm trying to gauge interest.
Mark Roberts - Photography & Multimedia

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