GESO - Ice and Snow

Mark C pdml-mark at
Sun Dec 22 19:54:48 EST 2013

We had a little ice storm last night so I tool some snapshots around the 
house and then went off into the woods for a good portion of the day. 
The woods I visited had been spared most of the ice storm but a nice 
little snow fell while I was there and freshened everything up. The 
close up shots wer etaken with the K-3 and DFA 100mm macro, the shots 
int he forest were taken with the K-3 and DFA 16-45 f4. Maybe it is the 
dual card slots, but I just take tons of photos when I am use the K-3. I 
have not even look at most of the stuff I shot today so there may be 
more to come.

C&C always welcome.


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