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On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 10:37 PM, Paul Stenquist
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> My daughter bought my wife an orchid for mother's day about five years ago. It bloomed for a couple of weeks, then faded. It didn't seem to be doing anything for quite some time after that, so I repotted it in a bigger pot with some orchid mix soil -- which is more like wood chips than soil. It had hardly any root. Nursed it along for a couple of years, and it started to grow and send out roots, but it never bloomed. Grace knocked it off the table once when she was playing, and it spilled out on the floor. I stuck it back in the pot, and again it was dormant for a while but eventually started growing new leaves again. Still no blooms. I fertilized it a wee bit now and then as directed and watered it sparingly as directed without success. Eventually, I threw a handful of Miracle Gro potting soil on top of the wood chips and watered it in. That seemed to spur the growth a bit. Last week it finally bloomed. It was so long ago that it last bloomed, I had even forgotten what color it was. It's a common variety I'm sure. In fact, it resembles orchids I saw growing in the rain forest on the big island of Hawaii.

Very nice flower and good back story.

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