PESO Portrait of Sophie [now with dewrinkled backdrop]

Igor Roshchin str at
Tue Aug 20 15:29:34 EDT 2013


You pulled out her blue nails just for this photo?
Man, you are a sadist! ;-)

But I guess, with the top of the head chopped off, that probably doesn't
hurt any more.  ;-)

On a serious note, - let me clarify my comment (after reading your
response in the previous thread). - 
Yes, I know about that trend of cutting of a portion of the head. 
I even do that myself occasionally
(see my photo in the 2012 PDML annual :
My point was that it works if you make a more close-up shot, e.g. 
when it is head-only, or maybe in some cases head-and-shoulders. 
But when you include as much as hands, - the chopped off head does not
work (for me).
BTW, the 2/3 rule that you mentioned is not followed in this portrait.

Again, sorry if it appears as too much of criticism. I didn't mean to
"attack" you. I just like the photo otherwise.

Also, - just a thought for your "wrinkle" problem:
If you let it hang for a while, you may want to sprinkle some water from
a windex-type spray bottle. Or, better yet, try a wrinkle-releaser:
(you can buy it at a walmart you grocery supermarket or pharmacy store).
Depending on the fabric, it might work better than just plain water.



Tue Aug 20 12:46:16 EDT 2013
Bruce Walker wrote:

> Background wrinkles rankle, as do blue nails. Both gone! Have another look ...

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