Any software for DSLR video pano?

steve harley pdml at
Wed Aug 14 18:16:25 EDT 2013

on 2013-08-13 21:28 Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote
> They're not "stitching a video" with the iPhone Panorama feature, the number of vertical pixels is wrong for that.

right, that's why Larry was thinking in terms of using "full-res" video, a 
full-resolution camera image (8mp for iPhone 5) for each frame of video, to 
auto-stitch panoramas; that's a brute-force concept, and not what the iPhone 
does; i guessed that the iPhone "watches" its video feed to detect when to take 
a full res shot for the next segment of the panorama, but it turns out it's a 
more subtle process; interpreting from these two sources:



the phone uses it's gyroscope to know where it's pointed relative to the 
initial frame, and then at the appropriate moments takes data from just a 
central strip of the sensor, while also producing a continuous live view image 
(the iPhone 5 also introduced the capacity to take full-res still shots while 
also capturing video)

while the iPhone 5 sensor is 3264x2448 pixels, various reports put the actual 
height (assuming "normal" orientation) of a finished panorama in the mid-to-low 
2000s, so it seems to discard some info from the top & bottom of the sensor to 
allow for imperfect aim

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