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Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Rouen et ses alentours:

I cycled from Greenwich to Newhaven, ferry to Dieppe arriving at 4am, then
cycled to Rouen. Later I took the train to Paris and cycled back to Rouen
via Saint-Cloud, Versailles, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Medan, Meulan,
Giverny/Vernon and Les Andelys. Then a round trip to Ry (for Mme Bovary),
Vascoeuil, Lyons la Foret, Mortemer, Fleury-sur-Andelle and back via
Montmain. A day trip by train to Cleres, which is lovely, and finally cycled
back from Rouen to Dieppe (in 3 hours!). 700km / 420 miles in total on the
bike. The whole thing was really enjoyable, apart from getting caught up in
rush hour traffic trying to get out of Paris.

There are still many photos which I haven't looked at yet, but this is a
quick selection mainly from Rouen. It wasn't specifically a photo trip -
it's awkward to cycle and take pictures at the same time! The routes were
determined by literary and arty choices, as well as their historical
interest and beauty.

I stayed in a lovely gite, which I can recommend to anyone who wants to
spend a few days in Rouen:

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Some of them may seem a little obscure, but
they're intended for people in my French circle who will get the references.


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