A cautionary tale about using someone else's photos

Mark Roberts postmaster at robertstech.com
Sun Sep 30 18:16:14 EDT 2012

William Robb wrote:

>The whole copyright thing is somewhat out of control anyway. I can 
>certainly understand if a person stands to make money off of a 
>particular image, that they might be a little miffed with someone for 
>lifting it, but for most of us, we put pictures on the web because we 
>are vain, and we want our peers to look at what we've done and tell us 
>that we are jolly good photographers.
>For those of us who do that, someone lifting one of our pictures costs 
>us nothing, and should be giving us exactly what we put the image on the 
>web for anyway.
>Someone thinks we are a jolly good enough photographer to lift our 
>picture.  As long as they give a credit and don't claim that they made 
>the image themselves (never condone dishonesty), what's the fuss?

I'm pretty sure the image lifted in this case was that of a
professional photographer - he wouldn't have been able to sue and
collect money if he hadn't actually registered his copyright with the
copyright office - so this could represent a real loss of income for
him/her. And we don't know how much this cost the blogger: 50 bucks
would be considered a lot of money by some.

That said, I completely agree with you that people get all too worked
up over this stuff. I register the copyright of all my images before I
put them on line. But when they do go on the web I give 99% of them
Creative Commons licenses so they're free for most bloggers to use as
long as they give credit and don't alter the images.
Mark Roberts - Photography & Multimedia

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