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I was having second thoughts about the title for exactly that reason. Also, the photo was taken late afternoon so it wasn't even lunch time.

I'm glad you commented because I was beginning to wonder if my post made the list. I was getting paranoid: "Is it that bad a photo?"

So, if anyone's reading this, let me know what you think, even if you think it's bad. As Boris says, "be brutal".

I actually think it's a good photo but on my android the colour looks off. Also I am now wondering if it needs to be cropped a bit so we can't see the bottom edge of the wing. I think this is a very detailed, well-focused close up. Maybe my feelings have affected my ability to properly critique this photo.

So, have at it! "Yay or nay" (to quote another list member). If it can be improved let me know that, too. As I said I think I have at least the seed of a very good photo, so if you think it can be saved I'd like to know how.

Thanks everyone!



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you ate a butterfly? I thought you were Vegan!


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