Best FF Pentax Rumour Story EVER!!!!!!

Tom C cakaltm at
Sun Sep 16 23:13:35 EDT 2012

> From: John Sessoms <jsessoms002 at>
> Someone speculated that Pentax is now the #4 or #5 brand. If so, they
> need to offer a product that gives buyer's a compelling reason to buy
> Pentax instead of the top brands.
> I don't see that in the K5II.
> Seems to me that compelling reason used to be what I call "bang for the
> buck", you could get high quality, particularly the SMC lenses, at less
> cost. I don't see that in today's lens "roadmap".
> Not only do I not see them offering a compelling product to attract new
> users, I don't see them offering much to keep the users they already have.


That pretty much nails my feelings. There's several reasons why a
person looks for bang for the buck.

1. They could not have much money to spend. I've been there.
2. The could be a tightwad. I'm not usually.
3. They could be German. (Just kidding. I'm 1/2 German)
4. They simply could be frugal minded. I generally am.

Also, as I've mentioned, it's great to get yesterday's technology at a
discount price sometimes. Nevertheless it still represents a
significant outlay of funds. That's, in essence, why I've decided to
bite the bullet.

The D800/E and maybe the D600, while more expensive in actual dollars
spent, offer significant bang for the buck. One also has to at some
point factor in the idea that they could have been shooting with
(subjective terms) better, more capable gear sooner as opposed to

Tom C.

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