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Mon Sep 10 21:34:04 EDT 2012

Paul Stenquist wrote:

>How sensitive to moire would the lack of n anti-aliasing filter make the 
>camera? I know no one can say with certainty, but how has it affected 
>other digital cameras? I'd like to have more resolution, but I'm concerned 
>that the cross--hatch pattern on automobile grilles might cause moire. 

A few months ago Luminous Landscape did some comparisons between the
two versions of the D800. Initial tests showed the superiority of the
D800E (without AA filter) but several people pointed out that standard
capture sharpening would reduce the difference significantly. He
posted more samples, this time with capture sharpening applied to both
cameras and the difference between the two was *drastically* reduced.
Reichmann insisted that the difference would be apparent in print but
I really think he's kidding himself here. Differences in print are
always *less* than pixel-peeped 100% views and after seeing his tests
I wouldn't pay extra for a camera without an anti-aliasing filter.
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