OT Posterior vitreous detachment

mike wilson m.9.wilson at ntlworld.com
Sat Sep 8 20:22:24 EDT 2012


Just a heads-up for those who have to pay for treatment or who may 
suffer a premium increase for consulting.

Stepping out of the house on Thursday, I saw a splash of white across my 
left eye. Thinking it was bird poop, I wiped the eye but there was 
nothing there. Then I noticed the huge (60-70% of my vision) field of 
floaters that had appeared. Clearly a cause for concern. Off to the 
local eye infirmary (a leftover from the local industrial past) for a 
checkup, where the above was diagnosed.

A very common occurence, apparently, and completely harmless in itself. 
Complications such as those mentioned in the wiki article are very rare 
- I was the third person that day to turn up with the problem and the 
opthamologist had seen no complications this year. She highlighted that 
it was only really necessary to come back if an occurence caused a dark 
patch in my vision that I could not see through or my vision as a whole 
rapidly deteriorated. She also said that complications generally occur 
at the time, not later, unlike the wiki article.

So there you go.

No fixed Adobe

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