Questions about tripod heads.

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Buy a tripod that is rated for at least the weight of your heaviest 
body/lens combo.

The Arca Swiss mount is by far the most widely used quick release system out 
there. They are more robust than the Bogen/Manfrotto system (the ones I'm 
familiar with are cast, as opposed to machined on the Arca).

Kenneth Waller

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> The thing that I'm learning is that there is way too much to learn about 
> this.   I wish that there were some simple performance measurements for a 
> standardized rating of tripods and heads.  Despite not being a mechanical 
> engineer, or maybe because I'm not, I've got a few ideas for standardized 
> ways to measure load capacity, dampening, stiffness etc.
> The short answer is that there doesn't seem to be an RC2 head that works a 
> lot better than what I have.  Though the 3911RC2 looks like it would be a 
> bit more adjustable, also smaller.
> It seems that the other standard mount system is the Arca swiss, and that 
> is likely what I should look at when I'm ready to drop significantly more 
> money on tripods.  This is a very clever hack, allowing use on both RC2 
> and arca-swiss.
> I suspect, however, that for $75 each, I'd be better off just selling off 
> all of my RC2 heads and plates and just converting in one fell swoop, 
> rather than doing the job piecemeal.
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