Setting Time on the K-x (EXACTLY) ???

John Sessoms jsessoms002 at
Fri Feb 25 10:45:29 EST 2011

From: Darren Addy
> I've never noticed this before but my clock is off by 6-1/2 minutes. I
> know that the ISS was closest to me last night at 18:59:55 so I wanted
> to concentrate on frames shot around that time. Looking at the EXIF I
> noticed that I was off. I can only assume that the clock I set it by
> was fast and I didn't think about the importance of accuracy.
> I figured I could calculate the offset, so went into the menus and
> noticed (for the first time) that you can't set the seconds. So I'm
> assuming that to set it correctly you select the minute ahead of the
> one you are calibrating to and hit OK right as it hits that exact
> minute. The time input doesn't seem to change with the clock when you
> are in the menus, so I think this is the correct procedure. I used the
> U.S. Navel Observatory "Simple Time":

It might not have been off when you originally set it.

I have noticed that the clocks in the cameras do not keep accurate time. 
Mine all seem to lose time (lag behind).

You have to occasionally check and reset them. Otherwise the error can 
grow significantly.

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