PESO - Clear, Standing By

Bob W pdml at
Sun Feb 20 08:12:34 EST 2011

> > Must be precious moments. What with the physical conditioning needed
> to handle such a strenuous job, I hate to see the cigarette. I smoked,
> but only for 25 years. ;)
> > Really well done, Frank!
> I smoked for about 10 of my years as a messenger.  It's a hard habit
> to kick, since that smoke was my reward after a particularly hard or
> long run.
> Thanks for the comments, Ann and Jack!  Thanks to everyone who looked.
> cheers,
> frank

over here it seems to be part of the cool factor associated with bike style,
at least among a certain crowd (not necessarily messengers). I often see
them drifting along on their bikes around the Clerkenwell/Farringdon part of
London, looking great, but smoking, which kind of kills the look for me
(smoked for ~20 years).

Talking about looking good on a bike, it's the Tweed Run on 9th April:

Here's how to do it:

And here's how to sublimate the ungentlemanly urges that picture brings to
the surface:


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