Big Chicago Blizzard

Paul Sorenson allaround6 at
Wed Feb 2 00:51:11 EST 2011

That would be Kopp's.  One of the more notable custard vendors in MKE.  
You can get ice cream anywhere, but in MKE you go for the custard. :-)

I grew up in a small town in south central WI, but if you have to live 
in a city, MKE is pretty good.  Good theater and other entertainment, 
lots of parks, courtesy of the Socialist movement around the turn of the 
century, and you can get to most anywhere in 30 minutes or less.

The HD museum is hard to see everything in just one visit.


On 2/1/2011 7:22 PM, Steven Desjardins wrote:
> I was in Milwaukee the year before last.  It's a nice town in the
> summer.  Being raised in New England, however, I recognized the signs
> of a place that was designed to close up a bit in the winter.   In CA
> or FL, you just see homes that clearly are always meant to have to
> some outdoor living space.
> I would go back again just for the HD museum and the frozen custard at
> Cobbs (sp?)
> On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 8:05 PM, Paul Sorenson<allaround6 at>  wrote:
>> Further North, here on the west Milwaukee suburbs, we got started with the
>> round 1 of these storms on Monday.  Up until this afternoon we've had around
>> 7 inches of snow.  The wind picked up in earnest for round 2 about 3PM today
>> and it started snowing about 5:30 with another12 inches forecast by
>> afternoon Wednesday.  Less snow totals than Chicago but with winds up to 50
>> mph expected, they're forecasting 4-8 foot drifts in the more open areas.
>>   They've been announcing school and business closings since this morning.
>> Bob S - I remember having to navigate a semi around on the Chicago streets
>> in the aftermath of the '67 storm.  What a mess!!
>> -p
>> On 2/1/2011 4:00 PM, Christine Aguila wrote:
>>> It was expected to start at 3p, but it started a half hour early.  Schools
>>> closed at 2p&  they've already called a snow day for tomorrow. Last snowday
>>> in Chicago was 1999.   We could get anywhere from 10 to 2 feet of snow.. Some
>>> are claiming we're going to get 2-3 inches per hour.  Worst time will be 9p
>>> to 5am.  Snowmobiles have been sent to the fire and police departments for
>>> rescue capability.  We're under a blizzard warning until tomorrow at 3p. The
>>> winds are really starting to pick up.  I have a feeling the winds will be
>>> the worst part of the storm; Lake Michigan waves are supposed to be
>>> enormous--I won't be able to get down there to photograph them.
>>> Since we have  a snow day tomorrow, I'll be free to try for some pictures.
>>> My big worry is power--sure hope it doesn't go out because I only have a
>>> snort or two of scotch in the house.  We're having brats and baked beans for
>>> dinner.  May make some carrot cake.  And a movie for sure.
>>> Wish us luck! :-)
>>> Big cheers, Christine from Chicago
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