Big Chicago Blizzard

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> Subject: Big Chicago Blizzard
> It was expected to start at 3p, but it started a half hour early.
> Schools
> closed at 2p & they've already called a snow day for tomorrow. Last
> snowday
> in Chicago was 1999.   We could get anywhere from 10 to 2 feet of snow.
> Some are claiming we're going to get 2-3 inches per hour.  Worst time
> will
> be 9p to 5am.  Snowmobiles have been sent to the fire and police
> departments
> for rescue capability.  We're under a blizzard warning until tomorrow
> at 3p.
> The winds are really starting to pick up.  I have a feeling the winds
> will
> be the worst part of the storm; Lake Michigan waves are supposed to be
> enormous--I won't be able to get down there to photograph them.
> Since we have  a snow day tomorrow, I'll be free to try for some
> pictures.
> My big worry is power--sure hope it doesn't go out because I only have
> a
> snort or two of scotch in the house.  We're having brats and baked
> beans for
> dinner.  May make some carrot cake.  And a movie for sure.
> Wish us luck! :-)
> Big cheers, Christine from Chicago
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