Educational photo class assignments

Tim Øsleby maritimtim at
Fri Feb 25 18:10:00 EST 2011

>>On Feb 17, 2011, at 9:54 AM, John Sessoms wrote:

>> This sounds like our first assignment in small format class:
>> Photograph 36 strangers "up close & personal"
>> ... 3 - 5 ft (with a "normal" lens, closer if you use a wide angle lens)
>> ... off camera flash (at arm's length)
>> ... 3 images of each person, different angles (108 total images minimum)
>> ... 3 - 36 exposure rolls of 35mm C-41 FILM (so you can't chimp).
>> ... record aperture & shutter speed for each exposure
>> ... record Name; Age; Where the person is from AND an *interesting fact* about each person.
>> Make an 8x10 print mounted on an 11x14 mat board of the best images of 5 persons. Turn in contact sheets and the personal data about the persons (personal data went into the shredder at the end of the semester).

> From: Larry Colen
> Sounds like a great assignment.  One of these days, I'll have to start a thread asking people for their most educational photo class assignments.

A thread about educational photo class assignments?

That's great idea Larry: So I'm hereby stealing it, or lending it ;-)

Let the ball roll folks. I need some ideas on how to grow as a photographer.


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