OT Q:Android, Gmail app and the PDML

Subash pdml.live at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 00:21:24 EST 2011

On Wed, 9 Feb 2011 11:46:09 +1100
Rob Studdert <distudio.pdml at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Team,
> It's about the only thing that really irritates me about my new phone,
> the email functionality is generally great but the f-ing mail client
> sends in plain text + HTML even though it's a plain text interface.
> There is no way that I'm aware currently to disable the HTML which of
> course precludes it being able to be used to reply to PDML posts. Has
> anyone found a solution other than utilising another email client?

one thing you can do is try the in-built pop mail client (not the gmail
app) in your device. i use a samsung galaxy s and the inbuilt email
client uses only plain text. not too sure how the mail client in your
device might behave...

regards, subash 

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