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> Oh my goodness... Sounds like you are having some major technology problems.
> It is never fun and it seems when one thing goes wrong they begin to pile
> up. Hopefully everything will work out okay...
> Now I am debating if I should go with another brand of camera.


Just to put your mind at ease. I have 4 nikon Dslr's and have ownwd 2
Pentax Dslrs. I have had more trouble with the
> Jeffery
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> I'm in the process of starting my own business. the last thing I have money
> for is a new camera body. plus my brand new laptop which I already had
> replaced once jsut last week is crapping out again. for the second time the
> keyboard makes rattling and screeching noises; drives me nuts. and this is a
> business laptop that cost just short of
> 1500 euros... seems toshiba isn't that much better than pentax...
> 2011/2/7 Jeffery Johnson <jefferytjohnson at bellsouth.net>:
>> Oh my my, don't do that as you will regret doing it. Although, if you
>> do decide to do it you could send them my way instead. I am about to
>> purchase my first DSLR the Pentax K-R and will begin experimenting
>> down the road with the older Pentax lenses.
>> I do hope everything works out okay.....
>> Jeffery
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