Computer (software) help needed.

Boris Liberman boris71 at
Sun Feb 6 08:04:58 EST 2011

Off top of my head, Mike, TheBat! has some kind of import functionality:

As far as I know/remember there is not specific thing in WinXP that 
prevents NS from running, but I don't claim to be right.


On 2/6/2011 3:01 PM, mike wilson wrote:
> Having had a major meltdown before Christmas, I have (mostly) managed
> to get things back on track.  Except....
> I use Netscape 7.2 for the mail application.  I already had the
> installer file but, when I installed it, I could not get the programme
> to start. Downloaded a new version of the installer and the same
> problem.  It installs with no difficulty but will not react to
> clicking on the desktop shortcut or going to the .exe file and
> directly clicking on that.
> After the meltdown, I went from simple XPSP2 only to the same but with
> all subsequent upgrade/downloads required by MS.  Is it possible (with
> my tinfoil hat firmly in place) that one of these has disabled NS?  If
> so, does anyone know which one?  A month's furious googling reveals
> nothing enlightening to me.
> If I am truly stumped, is there a compatible, proper email programme
> that will import in/out and other boxes from NS?
> Many thanks in advance.

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