Which Macro Lens?

Ken Waller kwaller at peoplepc.com
Tue Feb 1 15:00:12 EST 2011

Kenneth Waller

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> 2011/2/1 Ken Waller <kwaller at peoplepc.com>:
>> So I could buy a Canon equivalent for $250?
>> I've had Nikon pros wanting to see mine because they've heard so much 
>> about
>> it.
>> One called it legendary.
> OK so the Canon isn't legendary but I am extremely happy with it.

Glad to hear that.

> Don't own the Pentax but 8 times better would be uberstellar...
I'm not gonna say one is better than the other, but at least the 200  can be 
used on a Pentax.
I bought mine used many years ago for around $850.

I just brought the 200 up as another option for the original poster - 
shooting Pentax.

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