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On Jan 31, 2011, at 3:45 PM, steve harley wrote:

> On 2011-01-28 09:04 , Eric Weir wrote:
>> One question right now. With my Time Machine/Time Capsule plus two other external drives, would it be feasible to backup content files, e.g., photo images and other content excluded from the Time Machine backups, and image the hard drive on my MacBook, especially the operating system and applications directories, to the same external drives?
> yes, a few ways i can think of; it would be dead simple if you had partitions on your external drives for each purpose; or you could use Carbon Copy Cloner's feature "Protect root-level items on the target" -- i use this all the time to make full bootable backups to drives where i also have other data stored in top-level folders
> if you use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a backup of just your images, it will want to put that folder in the same nested position as the source (e.g. "/Users/Eric/Pictures ..."), which makes such a backup incompatible with also cloning a bootable drive, since it's not on the top level, and will be overwritten/resynced; the solution to that is another option (in Preferences) "Clone to this subfolder on the target volume"
> setting up these features can be fussy, but you can create set & forget configs with Carbon Copy Cloner, and even have them execute on a schedule; otherwise i'd just use command-line rsync

I'll be getting serious about this soon. I won two auctions on eBay yesterday for 1T WD/MyBooks with USB/FireWire/eSATA interface. I already have one 500GB USB MyBook. A thought is to use the latter for imaging the hard drive on my laptop and the other two to redundantly back up photo images and other bulky files/directories. I will not be able to automate the processes, though, as I'm normally work connected to the web via WiFi. Imaging and backing up will have to be done semi-manually, i.e., after connecting to the drives. I'm guessing that Carbon Copy Clone will allow me to save procedures so they can be executed with a single click.

I don't understand your second paragraph. Sounds like you're saying there's some kind of limitation on my ability to specify target locations for backups. Whatever, will it apply when I'm using a drive only for backing up photo images, etc., not for also imaging my hard drive?

While I'm at it, in case anyone is looking for low-cost hard drives, BestBuy is currently auctioning a bunch of the 1T WD/MyBooks that I got yesterday. Total price for the two I got was $140. Shipping is free.   

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