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Ann Sanfedele annsan at
Fri Dec 30 17:23:54 EST 2011

I agree with many of you that the concern about the kiddy porn stuff is 
a bit over the top...

My point is that anyone whose photo has been taken should be asked if 
they mind being published if it is possible to do so and certainly if 
you take a photo straight on.   And if you can get a models release, do it.

It's shooting for stock that got me in the habit of never taking photos
of people facing me that I didn't know personally and knew they wouldnt 
mind or getting a model's release.

And I try never to show anyone to disadvantage, looking silly, homely, 
or whatever.

that TV show Candid Camera always upset me - don't like people being 
made to look rediculous.

ok - off soapbox

On 12/30/2011 17:01, Stan Halpin wrote:
> This reminds me of a story I saw recently about the early days of HIV/AIDS - some kid in Virginia was required to wear a bubble to school to protect the other kids. Today it is photographers who are dangerous and many want to put a bubble around us to protect themselves and their kids.
> I think the "protection" of kids is way over the top and reflects a media which thrives on drama and scary stuff. The overwhelming majority of child abductions are about parental custody disputes, not about weird strangers. Same story with sexual assault - mostly a within-family issue. And the concept of parents "protecting" their children from vaccines!?! Giving everyone a trophy whether they win lose or draw? Driving kids to school when there are perfectly good streets to bicycle on and sidewalks to walk on? Jeesh! All part of a pattern which reflects what seems to me to be extreme overprotection.
> I was browsing through Christine's summary of her 2011 PAW and noticed this shot:
> As I recall her comment when first posting this, and based on the caption, I am quite sure she did not know this child, nor did she ask permission of the parents to take the shot and to post it. I would have done the same without a second thought, and I would not honor a request by a parent to take the image down once posted.
> stan
> On Dec 30, 2011, at 2:54 PM, Ann Sanfedele wrote:
>> I don't think it is psycho of a parent to ask that photos of his or her children be taken down from a website - if they are reconizeable as individuals, certainly.  had I been the photograpehr I would have respected the parents wishes as I would anyone whose photo I took
>> who disliked it... at least in areas where one's removing the
>> photos actually does get it removed.
>> And that goes for any of you guys - even if I like the photo
>> I'd remove it.
>> As of pics of me, I wouldn't ask that of anyone myself unless
>> it were truly gross and I was identified.
>> I had to laugh , tho, when we did PDML boston and no one took
>> a photo of me facing the camera - I think someone overstated
>> my dislike of certain photos in the past (more my dislike of hte photographer) (and it wasnt Christine or David).
>> But it is a bit scary out there these days for kids - too many
>> nasty things.
>> ann
>> On 12/30/2011 13:56, Igor Roshchin wrote:
>>> Some people get a special kind of psycho. Period.
>>> After one of the public dance events, my wife posted the photos of
>>> the people she took to facebook. As a part of the event, there was
>>> a dress-up, semi-formal sit-down dinner.
>>> Some guy (unknown before and after) contacted her asking to remove a
>>> particular photo. The funny part that it wasn't a photo of him, but
>>> of somebody else, who wasn't even his friend or anything like that.
>>> The explanation was that it is not good to post
>>> pictures of people while they are eating. (The guy on the photo
>>> had either a fork with food in his hand, or something like that, -
>>> and the guy looked just fine, - not that he had crambles in his beard,
>>> or pieces of meat falling out of his mouth...)
>>> The inquiry was awknowledged but ignored.
>>> Igor
>>> Fri Dec 30 13:42:27 EST 2011
>>> David Parsons wrote:
>>>> People get a special kind of psycho when it's their own spawn.  You
>>>> really can't reason with them, even when the law is on your side.
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