Oh marvelous techies - why is this happening??

steve harley pdml at paper-ape.com
Wed Dec 28 12:30:50 EST 2011

on 2011-12-28 09:44 Ann Sanfedele wrote
> Beneath the images , only recently, that Steve and someone else posted,
> a string of code appears - this is one batch:
> (This has happened a couple of times -- anyone know why?
> Is it something in Firefox? or the posters settings? )
> _______________
> http://drd1135.smugmug.com/Photography/pdml/i-8S2nSwQ/0/L/xmas-morning-L.jpg

is the above is the URL you are loading when you see the code? if so i'm 
baffled because the above loads an image only, without any bracketing HTML, 
much less the Flash stuff you are seeing

i suspect you are using a plug-in which adds a Flash snippet to web pages for 
some reason; the exact URL of the Flash object:


appears to be widely used, but i haven't discovered its purpose; a first step 
to diagnose is probably to list your Firefox add-ons

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