Flying Chiller (Was: GESO - Men at work)

Igor Roshchin str at
Tue Dec 27 17:08:28 EST 2011

Sometimes, I also do this type of photos.

Back in 2006, while I was still at UCSD, I purchased (for the lab)
an X-ray diffractometer. It is a 30 kW system, and requires a water
chiller (aka water-to-air heat exchanger).
However, due to mis-quoted specification from the manufcaturer, and
due to cavalier approach of our deparmental building manager, we've
found that we could not get the chiller into the building core.
The access door through which we could have done that was not accessible
because they were building an annex to the building, and for that
reason removed the part of the building leading to that door. And the
passage from the door that remained accessible was 1-2 inches too

So, they decided to air-lift the chiller to the building core through
the door that was blocked off.
Here is a documentary of how they were doing that:
Many photos could be removed from there, but I kept them at that point
for completeness.


PS. Sorry, - I know, I have this habit of responding with my own
associations or photos to other people's photos. It is popular, and
I've done this in musical jamming, but I tend to do it with photos as

PPS. Having written this message, I realized that I've already posted
this gallery (with a very similar description) to the PDML two years ago:
Oh, well.. :-)

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