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That's a terrific portrait, Peter. Great hat (wherever it's from). Reminds me that I have to get Real Canadians Wearing Real Hats going again.


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I don't think that a hat made out of wolf fur is the most common in Russia.
Typical Russian fur hats are made out of (differing in style and price):
muskrat, sable, mink, arctic fox, fox (typically for women), 
sheep/lamb (karakul) and the cheapest ones (usually for men and kids) - 
from rabbit or hare.


Mon Dec 5 20:03:31 EST 2011
P. J. Alling wrote:

> Hair?  Well, truth to tell, the hat itself is a Chinese product designed 
> for the American market, made of Rabbit not Wolf as a traditional 
> Russian hat would have been.

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