[Slightly different problem] Controlling location to which LR imports (v2)

Thibouille pentaxlist at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 06:07:33 EDT 2011

2011/4/27 Godfrey DiGiorgi <gdigiorgi at gmail.com>:
> On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 2:14 AM, Thibouille <pentaxlist at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I presently work with 2 catalogs. One for my personal work and one for
>> my photo courses....
>> Now, my problem: I realized I imported files from my Courses catalog
>> at the place I store my own files (lets call it Personal catalog). ...
> I'm not entirely sure I understand. Is this the situation?
> - You have two catalogs intended for different purposes, Personal and Courses.
> - You do not want the image files to be included in both catalogs.
> - When you import with each catalog, you want LR to move your image
> files into different file system locations to keep them separated.

Yes, sir.

> - When you imported files into your Courses catalog, you inadvertently
> set LR to place the files in the file system location normally used
> for your Personal files.

It may be. Actually, looking at the rest of your post, I see that is
most probably the problem.
I, indeed, broke myself the thing.

>> I do not want to mix files, deleting a file when it is also present in
>> the second catalog will create a big mess and since LR can't open both
>> catalog at the same time... can't do another way.
>> Did I messed things up? Or did LR? I'm under the impression that LR
>> keeps the last import settings in memory but do NOT it does so in
>> relation to what catalog is opened. Which means, if I'm no cautious
>> enough, things gets mixed (and messed up). Is it so ?
> The worst thing that can happen if you delete files from one catalog
> (and delete or move them around in the file system) is that the same
> image files also present in the other catalog will come up with
> question marks saying that Lightroom can't find them. All you have to
> do is tell the catalog with the question marks to synchronize with the
> file system and remove missing files.

Yep, indeed, that what happended (followed by a loud S**T) ;)
But I copied back the files where I intended them to be otherwise it
becomes a big mess.

> Similarly, once you put the files into the right locations for the
> other catalog, either re-import them or synchronize existing folders
> into which they've been placed.

Will do, thanks.

> Lightroom remembers import settings on a per catalog basis
> automatically, but the sensible and safe thing to do if you want LR to
> move files into separate locations in two different catalogs/import
> scenarios is to define two import presets, one for each catalog, and
> remember to choose the correct one when doing your imports.

That, I was unsure about. Thank you for pointing it out and more
thanks because I never thought about the import presets.
To me it was more like doing a couple adjustments/conversions at
import time which I didn't want to.

> I have about four different import scenarios articulating in what
> destinations in the file system I want imports to place the files, so
> I have a preset set up for each of them.

Will certainly do as well now. Thank you much Godfrey :)

> Godfrey
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