Photographer wanted ad

John Francis johnf at
Sat Apr 16 00:37:09 EDT 2011

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 09:57:39PM -0600, Bran Everseeking wrote:
> I had to share this "Verb" is a weekly free publication here In
> Saskatoon but even so my reply would be "You're kidding right?"


They're actually offering to pay - that in itself puts them ahead
of the vast majority of the industry today.  Just about everywhere
else touts for the public to submit photographs, videos, etc. for no
recompense other than the "privilege" of seeing their name in print.

Ob.disclaimer:  I've worked on the "free" side of the fence; most of
my motorsports photography was done in exchange for photo passes to
the events.  But in that case I did at least get access to areas
that were off-limits to the general public, and for those events
where photo tower passes were sold they went for $500 or more, and
still didn't get you into all the trackside locations I could go.

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