What was your first camera?

John Celio ntax at neovenator.com
Tue Apr 12 16:33:02 EDT 2011

My first camera that was exclusively mine was an Olympus C-3030 3mp
digital P&S. Up until that point I had always used my parents' P&S film
cameras, most of which were Pentax (I don't know why but my dad liked
the brand).

After that, when I realized I wasn't learning anything from the Olympus,
my first "real" camera was a Pentax ZX-30. Sadly, I sold it a few years
ago with the bulk of my film equipment when I needed money more than
stuff I'd never use again. I got thirty bucks for it from the guy who
runs the OK1000 Pentax blog (which sadly now appears to be abandoned).



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In my case, it was a Brownie Hawkeye with flash that used Press 25 bulbs


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