What was your first camera?

Paul Stenquist pnstenquist at comcast.net
Tue Apr 12 11:27:21 EDT 2011

My first camera was a small square box camera that took 610 film. It had three f stops and a fixed focus and shutter speed. I don't remember the brand, but I know that I bought it for $2 at Erler's Camera Store on 83rd Street and Stony Island Ave. in Chicago in 1958. I was ten years old. In April of that year, i took a picture of my sister, Sylvia, twirling in front of our house at 8222 Dorchester. I think the film was Verichrome Pan. Cash Erler, who owned the store, developed the film and made me some 4 x 4 prints. I still have some of them, including the picture of my sister. Her's a scan of it that I made a few years back:


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