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Brian Walters supera1000 at
Sun Apr 3 17:30:44 EDT 2011

On Sun, 03 Apr 2011 13:59 -0500, "Walter Gilbert" <ldotters at>
>   Hi all,
> So, I recently inherited a copy of this software from my brother who was 
> using it to edit and catalog photos of is granddaughter, but decided he 
> didn't need all the bells and whistles that came along with it and 
> wanted something a little more basic.  Given that my old copy of 
> Photoshop 7 predates DNG support and I can't seem to find the plugin 
> that will make it do so, I thought I'd give it a shot.  (I don't have 
> the dough to spend on CS or LR, unfortunately, so my options are limited 
> here.)
> Does anyone have any experience with this software at all?  Because, so 
> far, I'm very much less than impressed with it, and not for lack of 
> features.  It seems fine in that regard.  What is really, really grating 
> on me is the extreme -- and I use that word advisedly -- slowness in 
> cataloging my DNG files in the "organizer".  It's taking somewhere 
> around four seconds per photo!  Picasa doesn't have this problem at 
> all.  It zips right through them like a hot knife through butter.  
> Unfortunately, Picasa doesn't have the features that PSP does.  
> Otherwise, I'd just say "screw it".
> Anyone know why it might be taking so long to catalog these photos, and 
> any idea if there's something that can be done to speed up the process?  
> It really is irksome.

I have no experience with PSP or Picasa (other than using the Picasa web
gallery).  But lack of experience in a subject has never been a barrier
to sounding knowledgeable about it.... 

Could it be that Picasa is just cataloguing the jpg previews that are
built into DNG files and that PSP is actually processing the raw data? 
The latter would be heavier on computer resources.



Brian Walters
Western Sydney Australia

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