Foul Mood & other whatnot

Christine Aguila caguila at
Sat Jul 31 23:19:07 EDT 2010

I've been in an utterly foul mood all day today because of a fall I took 
during last night's theater shoot.  There was no serious injury, but I still 
acutely feel last night's moment of humiliation as I write this.  This is 
the 2nd fall I've experienced while doing photography, the 1st being a 
stumble on some cracked sidewalk while out on a photowalk shortly before our 
holiday to San Diego this past June--gosh, I racked my knee on that one.

Accidents happen, I get that.  I'd like to do more professional photo ops 
for money, but if I don't get my balance, coordination, and weight back in 
line, my photographer's moniker is going to end up being *Miss Tumbleweed.* 
While it may surprise those who've met me recently, I once was fairly 
athletic--not a star athlete of any kind, mind you-- but I had solid 
hand-eye coordination, balance, strength, and fitness.  Well, that's all 
gone to pot lately, and this is a big problem because of the athleticism 
involved when doing photography, which I very much enjoy--and would enjoy 
even more if I wasn't so out of shape.

I need to change some habits--less time at the computer and much more 
physical activity of the calisthenics and exercise variety--not my favorite 
kind, but . . .  So, if I'm not around on list for a while, you'll know why.

Anyway, about the PDML Exhibition wrap up:  A few PDMLers have emailed me 
about not hearing back from Sue.  I've recently talked to her, and she 
admits to being behind sked, but as her original email states, she wants to 
close out shipping of prints etc by the end of August, so folks should keep 
that in mind.  If Sue hasn't gotten back to you, she will, and it's best to 
keep sending her emails than me.

For Ted:  I haven't gotten to the post office yet, but I will for sure next 

If anything important comes up, I can be reached via email off list.  No 

Cheers, Christine

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